Charles Barker

Strategic communications

„A fact per se is worth nothing. It acquires its value only with the idea that is associated with it, and with the proof that it delivers.“
Claude Bernard, French doctor and physiologist

To be successful in the marketplace over the long term it is essential to differentiate the unique value of the business and its products from the competition. The business's reputation, which is made up of the sum of all the public perceptions of the business, plays a decisive role in this respect. Reputation is always inseparably linked with trust. We support you in clearly differentiating your business, its strategy and products, convey that positioning to specific target groups and thus positively contribute to your company’s public perception. Coupled with transparency, honesty, and reliability in communications, this enables trust to be improved, reinforced and built up sustainably.

A positive corporate reputation not only impacts favourably on the company valuation and the way employees, customers, suppliers and the public at large judge you and establish relationships – it is a decisive element, particularly in the event of a crisis, that allows you to communicate messages credibly.

On the basis of an integrated communications strategy, Charles Barker helps you implement the communications activities and utilises a comprehensive range of PR tools to place your key messages within the internal and public discourse. Our service portfolio ranges from ad-hoc consulting for the Management Board or the communications department through to complete press office outsourcing to Charles Barker.

We advise businesses and their Board members, private equity firms, hedge funds and banks, in the areas of: