Charles Barker

Persuasion based on facts requires that you know them

β€žThe ability to listen is half the battle.β€œ
Calvin Coolidge, US President from 1923-1929

Before we provide advice, we listen. A simple rule, but one which is often not heeded. High-calibre consultancy services capable of achieving the very best results for clients can be delivered only by those who have a profound understanding of the clients business and its key markets. That is why each client relationship with Charles Barker is preceded by hearings with client-side management and – where appropriate – a thoroughgoing analysis of the current situation in the respective market. After all, clearly structured arguments backed up by hard facts are essential if you want to achieve sovereignty of interpretation.

On this basis we develop key messages, which clearly differentiate the business, the product, or the positioning in the market and competitive environment. Once these foundations have been laid, we develop tailor-made communications activities.

Through our strong personal network with multipliers, decision-makers and the media we deliver a highly professional approach to implementing our clients' communication strategies.

We advise clients on an international basis through our global partner network, Global Financial Communication Network (GFC/Net), and other partners and experts in associated consulting disciplines, such as public affairs.